UK West Midlands, High Tech Firms to Explore Business Opportunities in Canada

UK Trade & Investment’s Coventry & Warwickshire international trade team is organising a market visit to Toronto, which takes place from 5-9 October.
The visit is aimed at demonstrating the expertise of the ICT West Midlands cluster, allowing 11 companies to gain new clients and developing partner relationships.
Participants will have the opportunity to be able to meet with multinational giants such as Research in Motion, Google, IBM and Rogers Telecommunications.
UK Trade & Investment is also organising two Meet the Buyer events with Canada’s Technology Triangle in the Waterloo region.
Companies joining the visit will also benefit from the support from UK Trade & Investment:
– Pre-visit and in market briefing by UK Trade & Investment staff;
– Excellent networking opportunities through the support of the British Consulate in Toronto;
– New contacts and shared intelligence within the market visit group;
– Reduced costs through group travel and financial package.

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