Business Continuity Amidst a Pandemic


It is understandably confusing for entrepreneurs to go on with business as usual amidst the pandemic.

Businesses that produce or sell essential goods are expected to keep serving the masses with the capacities that are available to them. But for those who don’t fall under this category, how are they supposed to go on and keep doing what they usually do when they can’t serve the market the same way, and in some or even most cases, aren’t even allowed to?

There are ways that businesses can keep the ball rolling even when most economic activity has come to a halt. The best thing to do is to adapt to what the market needs right now, and maybe change the main offering into something that can serve current pressing demands. Others may look at their communications and see how advertising and marketing thrusts can deliver empowering and hopeful messages. Apart from providing social upliftment, this type of marketing doubles as a way to keep the brand relevant even when offerings are not completely applicable. Others can continue planning for how to relaunch their brands when the quarantines are over.

Here are some ways businesses can make use of the pause in order to continue being productive:

1. Revamp current offerings.

There are some manufacturers who have the capability to produce products that were not part of their original roster, in order to serve a current need. One example would be how some liquor manufacturers have turned their capabilities into making disinfectant alcohol products in order to serve a spike in demand from institutions and households.

2. Align marketing messages accordingly.

Brands can stay relevant in the minds of their consumers by using their marketing budgets toward social upliftment and encouragement during these trying times. Posting relevant content on their media pages, offering words of comfort on their website, and sharing helpful information for the public’s consumption are ways to bridge the gap in current communications. It also lets consumers see a human side to the brand, and that they are thinking of their customer’s safety and welfare in these uncertain times.

3. Contribute to the social cause.

When businesses are seen donating, helping, and mobilizing relief efforts for those in need, it sends a very powerful message that the company is taking matters seriously and are genuinely concerned for the welfare of the masses. This is a great way to show that you are serious with your corporate social responsibilities and that you are willing to give back, and generously at that.

4. Fix internal and human resource needs.

When external contributions have been given some focus, it’s a good time to use the pause to give attention to internal holes that need to be patched up. Maybe there are operational efficiencies that need to be improved. Maybe there are human resource gaps that need to be fixed. Now is a good time to read up, increase proficiency, get more knowledge, consult a talent management guide, and develop overall efficiencies for your business.

There are a lot of ways you can make good use of this time, and keep working on your business. These are just a few of the many ways you can continue being of service even in the midst of a pandemic.

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