Immertec Receives Investment from Par

immertecImmertec, a Tampa, Fla.-based company that applies virtual reality technology to medical and surgical training, received an investment from Par, Inc.

Founded in 2017 by Erik Maltais and Jon Clagg, Immertec leverages its patented, 3D, live-streaming technology to broadcast fully immersive virtual reality video and overlays for training applications across a range of industries.
Its Medoptic allows remote viewers to access and interact with operating room procedures. A combined hardware and software setup—which includes VR headsets and cameras—enables medical communications to take place in real time across any distance. Virtual medical device training, collaborations on surgical procedures, question-and-answer sessions, and consults with other physicians are all possible with the technology.
A pilot program with Johnson & Johnson, launched earlier in 2019, put Medoptic directly in the hands of 3,000 doctors.



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