Villiger Raises Seed Funding Round

Villiger, Inc., a Los Angeles, CA-based mobile app that connects parents with friends to find and book recommended support from local tutors to sitters to coaches, raised a seed funding round of undisclosed amount.

Backers included Mangrove Capital, Nir Zohar, president and COO of WIX (NASDAQ: WIX), and Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop.

Founded by Walton Goggins, Villiger provides an app that unites parents and their support network within a private social network where they can share stories, recommendations, and resources, as well as book and pay for services.
Users can download the app and upload friends to their Village via Facebook Connect or their address book.
They can view and leverage their friends’ trusted resources (like sitters, tutors, private coaches, music teachers, housekeepers, etc) and share theirs.
They can contact, book, or add a supporter to their Village from their profile.
Additionally, users can discover new, vetted supporters in their area and add those (by swiping left or right a la Tinder) to their Supporters.
Supporters will bid on their request and they can confirm and book them in seconds.
There are also in-app features to do a voice or video call and also to send a message to contact any of these supporters.

Villiger has just launched its public beta as a mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing parents to share sitters, set playdates, find the right baseball coach, piano teacher and more. The platform allows parents to share their support network within a “Trusted Village,” then receive recommendations, advice, requests and contacts within the Village. The platform provides direct booking and payment for a variety of support providers including sitters, tutors, music teachers, housekeepers, coaches, and more.



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