The Designer Fund to Raise $40M Second Design Focused Venture Capital Fund

The Designer Fund, a San Francisco, CA-based early stage venture capital firm, is seeking to raise its second fund.

Per an SEC filing, Designer Fund II, L.P., has a target of $40m with no amount raised to date.

Led by General Partners and co-founders Enrique Allen and Ben Blumenfeld, The Designer Fund invests $100k–$1m in startups co-founded by designers, builds and educates design teams through Bridge, a professional development program that connects experienced designers with top startups and its community in San Francisco. Bridge designers are paid to work full-time at companies like Dropbox, Pinterest and Square and, one evening a week, participate in workshops, dinners, and talks to accelerate their careers.

The firm’s portfolio includes Abstract, AND CO, Alt School, Coach, Delighted, Dice, Framer, Mixmax, Elevate, The Noun project, Gusto, Hustle, Moxxly, netlify, Omada Health, RealTalk, Operator, Remix, Shyp, Stripe and Wake.

The team also includes Design Manager Heather Phillips, PM Producer Katie Topper, General Manager Lisa Anne Logan, Braughm Ricke (finance) and Maya Blumenfeld (legal).



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