NubeSol Receives Investment from Menterra and Artha Initiative

NubeSol, a Bangalore, India-based agribusiness enterprise which provides precision farming services to sugar companies, received an investment from Menterra and Artha Initiative.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Founded by Suraj Dixit, NubeSol specializes in solutions based on data analytics and remote sensing technologies for the agriculture industry. Its services include Remote Sensing Reports (RST), accurate crop acreages and yield forecasting services, a Crop Information Management System (CIMS), the Krishi Suchak Android App (KSA), which enables individual growers to get a monthly yield map of their plots on mobile devices, the Digital Soil Card (DSC), which enables companies, co-operatives and self-help groups to set up mini soil testing laboratories to assess macro and micro nutrients, and farmers to collect, test, analyze and recommend the required inputs appropriately by using CIMS technology, and an Efficient Logistics Platform (ELP), which tracks every vehicle in the fleet to allow dynamic harvest planning and re-planning alongside saving Harvest and Transport costs.



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