MTI Launches Fund dedicated to University Spin-outs

Uk-based venture capital firm MTI has launched and is actively raising a fund dedicated to university spin-outs.

Orion Fund will privilege spin-outs from three UK Universities’ Technology Transfer Offices:
– UMI3 of the University of Manchester,
– ERI of the University of Edinburgh and
– UCL Business PLC of University College London.

The fund will also invest with additional top Universities – Oxford and Cambridge amongst others, and will feature a Proof of Principle investment programme (PoP), which provides pre-seed funding to develop promising technology with the potential for commercialization.

Once the Fund has been raised, Sir Richard Heygate, Natasha Oppenheim, Dominic Perks and Paul Ratcliff will join the team as Partners. In the interim they will be an integral component of the fundraising team.



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