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Skild AI Raises $300M in Series A Funding


Skild AI, a Pittsburgh, PA-based AI robotics company, raised $300M in Series A funding, at $1.5 Billion valuation.

The round was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Coatue, SoftBank Group, and Jeff Bezos (through Bezos Expeditions), with participation from Felicis Ventures, Sequoia, Menlo Ventures, General Catalyst, CRV, Amazon, SV Angel, and Carnegie Mellon University.

The company intends to use the funds to continue scaling its model and training datasets for future commercial deployment of its technology, in addition to hiring for roles across AI, robotics, engineering, operations, and security.

Led by CEO Deepak Pathak and President Abhinav Gupta, Skild AI is building a scalable foundation model for robotics that serves as a shared, general-purpose brain across diverse robot embodiments and a variety of real-world applications. As opposed to vertically designed robots that are built for specific applications, its model serves as a shared, general-purpose brain for a diverse embodiment of robots, scenarios and tasks, including manipulation, locomotion and navigation. From resilient quadrupeds mastering adverse physical conditions, to vision-based humanoids performing dexterous manipulation of objects for complex household and industrial tasks, the company’s model will enable the use of low-cost robots across a broad range of industries and applications.