FreeBnk Raises $3M in Funding

FreeBnk, a Lithuania-based provider of a fintech app offering services for crypto investors, raised $3M in a combined equity and token funding.

Backers included Founderheads, ChaiTech Ventures, LVT Capital, and Lavender Capital. 

The company intends to use the funds to support ongoing research and development to create its app that enhances accessibility, security, and customization, used specifically to the needs of those new to digital asset investment. 

Led by CEO Yunus Emre Ozkaya, and CDO Arash Lowni, FreeBnk operates as a neobank offering affordable services for crypto investors such as investment in fractional property ownership, stocks, bonds, and gold. It offers trading gas fee-less crypto transactions globally, lending, and secure custody solutions thanks to MPC technology backed by $30M insurance coverage.

Product features include:

  • FreeBnk RealWorld: Users can invest in tokenized real-world assets (RWAs), including fractional property ownership, stocks, bonds, gold, and other physical assets through a unified, user-first interface.
  • FreeBnk Crypto: Alongside gas fee-less cross-chain transfers, users can also access crypto trading in 150 countries with multiple on/off-ramp options including card and bank transfers. 
  • FreeBnk Transfer: FreeBnk provides users with a cheaper and faster overseas fiat money transfer service utilizing blockchain technology. 
  • FreeBnk Pay: Through low transaction fees, FreeBnk offers merchants and consumers an ideal alternative to traditional card and cash payments.
  • FreeBnk Lending: Users can access competitive rates for mortgages, lending, and savings, making financial services more affordable for everyday individuals.  
  • FreeBnk Safe: Hassle-free access to digital assets through advanced inheritance plans, complemented by robust crypto portfolio insurance.