DataMesh Closes New Funding Round


DataMesh, a Singapore-based provider of industrial metaverse platforms, raised an undisclosed amount in New funding.

Backers included KDDI Open Innovation Fund 3, and Singtel Innov8.

Led by Jie Li, Founder and CEO, DataMesh is focused on the development of industrial metaverse platforms committed to providing integrated solutions for enterprises through digital twin, XR (Extended Reality), AI, IoT, and other technologies.

Committed to building the leading Industrial Metaverse platform FactVerse, DataMesh offers integrated virtual and physical solutions to enterprises by leveraging digital twins, XR (extended reality), artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The platform empowers enterprises to digitize the management of factories, optimize production processes, improve operational efficiency, and introduce innovative applications for remote collaboration, training, and maintenance scenarios.

Designed to empower frontline workers, DataMesh’s XR applications can overlay digital twin models onto real-world scenarios using AR/VR technologies, assisting workers in understanding equipment and operations more intuitively, fostering remote collaboration and training, and boosting both efficiency and safety.

Moreover, the FactVerse platform serves as a digital twin hub. This equips enterprises with comprehensive, in-depth insights for informed decision-making. Currently, DataMesh FactVerse has been widely applied in industries such as manufacturing, aviation, AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction), data center, and facility management, helping organizations elevate digital transformation strategies and drive enterprise innovation.

The company intends to use the funds to expedite the research & development efforts and market expansion of its platform, further driving digital transformation across the industrial sector, particularly through the application of XR and digital twin technologies.