Blueberry Protocol Raises $2.5M Series A Funding


Blueberry Protocol, a Panama City, Panama-based decentralized prime brokerage terminal, raised $2.5M in Series A funding.

The round was led by White Star Capital. Other investors included Varys Capital, SNZ Capital, Alchemix DAO, Aquanow, members of Dewhales, members of DCD, GateCap Ventures, Nayt Trading and MonkeVentures.

The company intends to use the funds for team expansion and its increased security budget.

Led by CEO Jonathan Thomas, Blueberry is a decentralized prime brokerage platform that empowers users to create leveraged strategies with specific risk parameters to maximize capital efficiency. It provides decentralized access to generalized leverage for DeFi on Ethereum, offering enhanced opportunities through advanced risk management and higher leverage than traditional prime brokerage. By integrating transparent risk management tools with a sophisticated leverage framework, Blueberry seeks to expand accessibility, boost capital efficiency, and improve profitability for a wide variety of DeFi users. The first protocol connected to Blueberry is Bloom, which introduces permissionless RWA yields (TBYs) with natively yielding returns. The system was built by Composable Corps, a development company with leadership experience from Zero1 Capital, Huobi, Tesseract, Credit Suisse, Kruse Western Group, and early Bitcoin.