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Supervizor Raises $22 in Funding



Supervizor, a NYC-based provider of a plug and play quality assurance platform for finance teams, raised $22M in funding.

The round was led by Orange Ventures, with participation from Wille Finance, La Maison Partners, New Alpha Asset Management, Adelie Capital and ISAI.

The company intends to use the funds to drive continued innovation of its audit analytics platform and expansion of its go-to-market operations worldwide.

Founded by Alban Clot, Supervizor helps teams build error-proof financial statements to ensure financial standards, analyzing all financial transactions against more than 350 controls. Using it, finance, accounting and compliance teams can continuously monitor transactions, detect multiple types of anomalies, and prevent fraudulent activities to provide an unrealized-to-date level of financial quality assurance. Supervizor combines all ERP transactions and other data sources into a single accounting model, which serves as the foundation for its AI-based algorithms.

Michelin, IKEA, Lacoste and others use it for financial Quality Assurance.