MetisX Raises $44M in Series A Funding

MetisX, a Seoul, South Korea-based company developing intelligent memory solutions using compute express link (CXL) technology, raised $44M in Series A funding.

The round included new investors such as SV Investment, STIC Ventures, LB Investment, and the Industrial Bank of Korea, as well as follow-on investors from the seed round including Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Mirae Asset Capital, IMM Investment, SBI Investment, Tony Investment, and Wonik Investment Partners.

The company intends to use the funds to expand operations and development efforts.

Jin Kim, CEO and co-founder of MetisX

Led by CEO Jin Kim, MetisX specializes in the delivering of solutions to meet the needs of customers in sectors with large-scale data to process such as AI, big data, vector databases, DNA analysis, and more. Its expertise lies in the development of intelligent memory solutions and data-centric computing architecture, with a foundation built on compute express link (CXL) standards.

MetisX has already completed prototypes specialized in large-scale data processing such as vector databases, big data analysis, and DNA analysis. The company plans to manufacture its inaugural ASIC chip by early next year, targeting major data center customers including tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Meta. MetisX plans to establish a branch in the US, and reinforce its marketing and sales organization to penetrate its target market.