Metaplane Receives Investment from Snowflake Ventures

Metaplane, a Boston, MA-based data observability platform, received an investment from Snowflake Ventures.

This brought Metaplane’s total investment to just over $23M raised within the past 2 years, with additional investor participation from Khosla Ventures, Flybridge, Y Combinator, Stage 2 Capital, B37, and SNR.

Led by CEO Kevin Hu, Metaplane provides companies with a platform to monitor data warehouse to catch data quality issues when they happen and help prevent incidents before they occur. In doing so, the company helps avoid costly mistakes, saves data teams hours spent debugging, and fixes issues before downstream users and customers are affected.

The list of joint customers includes startups like Ramp, Klaviyo, and ClickUp, as well as enterprises like Bose and Sotheby’s.

Metaplane’s near-term product roadmap for the Snowflake Data Cloud integration includes support for Snowflake features such as Tasks, Streams, Secure Data Share, Snowpipe, Snowpark, Snowflake Native Apps, Streamlit in Snowflake, and Snowpark Container Services. Together, these integrations empower customers with some of the most critical workloads such as data engineering, collaboration, application development, and AI/ML.