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ChainML Raises $6.2m in Seed Extension



ChainML, a Silicon Valley-based AI and ML development and research lab that recently launched its Agentic Base Layer, Theoriq, raised $6.2m in seed extension funding.

The round, structured as equity with token warrants, was led by Hack VC with participation from Foresight Ventures, Inception Capital, HTX Ventures, Figment Capital, Hypersphere Ventures and Alumni Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its development efforts.

Led by CEO Ron Bodkin, ChianML is developing an AI platform called Theoriq, which is based on principles of social evolution and implemented with blockchain to lay the foundation for continuously improving, community-governed AI systems. Key features include:

  • Agentic Primities: Fundamental elements in the ecosystem that facilitate autonomous interaction, embodying roles, behaviors, and functions that contribute directly to an agent’s capacity to operate independently within its environment.
  • Modular Composability: Allowing developers to craft tailored AI solutions that can combine and be recombined to create sophisticated systems to evolve and adapt over time.
  • Community Permissioned Governance: Ensuring that decision-making authority is vested in a diverse group of community stakeholders who actively contribute to and provide feedback on the quality of AI agents, ensuring that the technology aligns with collective goals and values.

Commenting on the news, Ron Bodkin said: “With Theoriq, we’re not just launching a product—we’re spearheading a movement towards a transparent, community-governed AI ecosystem. HTX Ventures’ support will be instrumental as we unlock new potentials for AI integration within the decentralized space.”