From Start-Up to Scale-Up: How Axponent is Helping Finance Apps Achieve Their Goals


As digital transformation continues to reshape the finance industry, adtech solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated. According to a forecast by Dentsu, a media giant, digital advertising for the finance sector is projected to grow by 15.7% in 2024.

This surge underscores the rising importance of targeted and efficient ad campaigns. Companies like Axponent are at the forefront of this evolution, pioneering technologies that predict and meet consumer demands more effectively.

At such a time, companies like Axponent stand out not just for their technological acumen but also for their deep understanding of market nuances in the adtech landscape. 

Based in India and with a worldwide presence Axponent specializes when it comes to managing user acquisition & retargeting campaigns for finance niche brands.

Utilizing advanced data analytics and AI-driven algorithms, Axponent ensures that its advertising solutions are not only compliant with stringent regulatory standards but also highly effective in targeting and engagement.

“We anticipate a surge in demand for more sophisticated adtech solutions as finance apps become more integrated into everyday financial decisions. Our current focus is on developing predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities that will enable our clients to not only understand but also anticipate customer needs, delivering more impactful and timely advertising”., explains Ayush Kapil, Senior Manager – Business Development at Axponent

The global expansion of adtech in finance is not complete without its challenges. According to the IAB MENA report, the total digital ad spend in the MENA region reached $5.5 billion in 2022, representing a 20.1% increase over the previous year while same goes for APAC region. MENA & APAC are two regions where Axponent holds a tight grip.

Each market presents unique consumer behaviours  and regulatory environments that demand bespoke advertising strategies, making it imperative for companies like Axponent to tailor their campaigns to align with local nuances to maintain both relevance and compliance.

A client-focused mindset is pivotal in adtech, and Axponent’s partnership approach is clearly beneficial, as evidenced by its strong client relationships. Rahul Yadav, Chief Manager – Digital Marketing at Angel One, a leading client, attests to this: “Angel One has been associated with Axponent since 2022. Our professional stint with them grows stronger day by day. They are very diligent and trustworthy in their approach for driving performance-based initiatives for our product. Their sincerity and dedication is really commendable.”

The future of adtech in finance looks robust, with a clear trend towards more targeted, predictive advertising solutions that cater to individual consumer preferences. As technology advances, the capacity for adtech firms to influence financial decisions grows, promising a landscape where advertising is more integrated, intuitive, and impactful.