UltiHash Raises $2.5M in Pre-Seed Funding


UltiHash, a Berlin, Germany- and San Francisco, CA-based high-performance and sustainable data storage solution, raised $2.5m in pre-seed funding.

The round was led by Inventure, with participation from PreSeedVentures, Tiny VC, Futuristic VC, The Nordic Web, Antti Karjalainen, Founder, and angel scout for Sequoia Capital, and other private investors.

Founded in 2022 by Tom Lüdersdorf – Co-Founder and CEO, Katja Belova – CTO, UltiHash is a data storage infrastructure that allows companies to grow data sustainably. The company connects cloud and on-premises architectures with a unified storage infrastructure and maximizes the resource efficiency of Big Data applications.

The technology is able to decrease companies’ storage needs by up to 50%, helping them save millions on unnecessary storage and network costs; users only store and migrate the data they need without compromising speed, thus, breaking the logjam between scalability and affordability that companies face when expanding their data operations. By condensing the amount of data stored, UltiHash advances the growth of high-performance data-driven applications, such as machine learning models and AI, business intelligence, product engineering, and more, in a sustainable and cost-effective way. Every byte is fully utilized, and the environmental impact is kept at an absolute minimum.