Artisan AI Raises Additional Funding; doubles Valuation to $30M

Artisan AI, a San Francisco, CA-based AI startup that plans to build human-like digital workers, raised additional funding from a Sequoia scout, which has doubled the valuation from $15m to $30m.

The company, which recently raised a $2.3M pre-seed, will be participating in the W24 Y Combinator batch.

Founded by 22-year-old CEO Jaspar Carmichael-Jack (me!), who previously founded an international branding agency, and CTO Dr. Rupert Dodkins, who obtained his PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Oxford and has 8 years of machine learning experience, Artisan AI creates human-like digital workers, called Artisans, who automate job functions from end to end. Artisans are designed to add to teams rather than another SaaS tool for teams to use. The first Artisan, Ava, launches on December 11th. She automates the sales process, with a feature-rich SaaS platform managed entirely by talking to her on Slack. Ava prospects with a database of over 250 million leads, writes hyper-personalized emails, replies to prospects’ questions, and books meetings into human SDR’s calendars.

Next year, the company plans to release 5 further Artisans to do everything from marketing to financial analysis.