Gutsy Raises $51M in Seed Funding


Gutsy, a Baton Rouge, LA-based cybersecurity company raised $51M in Seed funding.

The round was led by YL Ventures and Mayfield.

The company intends to use the funds to expand operations and its business reach.

Led by Ben Bernstein, Dima Stopel and John Morello, Gutsy offers a solution that applies process mining to cybersecurity, providing automatic, data-driven insight into how an organization’s teams, tools, and processes work together and what outcomes they deliver. Gutsy provides security leaders with the data and understanding to answer questions and make good decisions.

Customers are using Gutsy to:

  • Improve Outcomes: Gutsy helps CISOs gain insight into how their teams, tools, and service providers work together, identifying friction, removing delays, and reducing risk. It enables security leaders to define KPIs across all their security functions, automatically measure performance, and instantly drill into what outcomes they’re getting and why.
  • Transform Auditing: Gutsy automatically gathers data about the execution of the process, automatically correlates activity across workflows, and helps security organizations find the unknown unknowns.
  • Drive Strategic Change: Gutsy helps leaders reduce risk from strategic projects like cloud migration, managed services adoption, and deploying new security tools. It provides comparative insights centered around how changes are operationalized so ROI can be measured and investments aligned with practices and standards.

The platform integrates with a broad range of tools from cloud providers to HR systems, vulnerability management tools, ticketing systems, EDR platforms, and more. Gutsy is agentless, provided as SaaS, and is available globally in any customer selected region.