AnchorWatch Raises $3M in Funding


AnchorWatch, a Nashville, TN-based insurer that covers commercial entities holding Bitcoin, raised $3M in funding.

The round was led by Ten31 with participation from Axiom BTC, Timechain, Bitcoin Opportunity Fund, UTXO Management (the asset management arm of Bitcoin Magazine and host of the Bitcoin Conference), and others.

The company intends to use the funds to complete all regulatory and capital requirements needed to deliver Trident Vault to customers and start selling policies, and undergo security audits by a number of credentialed firms to further solidify Trident Vault as a sound and viable custody solution for enterprise use.

Led by Robert Hamilton, cofounder and CEO, AnchorWatch provides the Trident Vault software, which is a protocol native custody solution to owners of bitcoin, backed by regulated high-quality insurance. Trident Vault is designed specifically for commercial use integrating dispersed workflows for remote teams. It introduces key holder seniority and time-locked spending conditions to institutional bitcoin custody, bringing compliance and governance on-chain.

AnchorWatch caters to family trusts, funds and pensions, family and multifamily offices, bitcoin miners and mining pools, and any other businesses that hold bitcoin. The Trident Vault is particularly applicable to estate and inheritance planning purposes. It can be utilized by estate attorneys, investment advisors, or technical advisors who advise multiple clients in the custody of their bitcoin.