NeuroServo Closes $2.2M Funding Round


NeuroServo, a Montreal, Canada-based medical device company raised $2.2M in funding.

The round was led by Desjardins Capital, Investissement Québec, CABHI as well as private investors.

The company intends to use the funds to finance the commercialization of its medical innovation, an instant-use and miniaturized EEG (electroencephalogram) device for intensive care, operating rooms and emergencies.

Led by CEO Nicolas Tremblay and  COO Jérôme Arnaud, NeuroServo has developed VEEGix, an innovative medical device allowing instant analysis of prefrontal brain waves, in order to complete the clinical portrait of patients with objective neurological data, in particular during suspected seizures, non-convulsive brain electrical storms, or to monitor patients level of anesthesia. The equipment was homologated by Health Canada as a Cerebral Function Monitoring (CFM) in September 2021. It is currently used by a dozen intensive care units.