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Paragraf Acquires Cardea Bio



Paragraf, a Somersham, UK-based manufacturer of graphene and integration into ready-to-use products, acquired Cardea Bio, the San Diego, CA-based technology platform developer of the CRISPR-Chip – a graphene-based biosensor that empowers CRISPR QC’s CRISPR Analytics Platform.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

With the acquisition, Paragraf will deliver progress in manufacturing and technology capabilities, and will further advance CRISPR QC’s growth in the gene editing market. The scaled manufacturing capabilities of Paragraf, combined with Cardea’s biosensor and platform expertise, will drive continued growth of CRISPR Analytics Platform globally.

Paragraf specializes in the manufacture of graphene and in its seamless integration into ready-to-use products that can be adopted by partners to support the advancement of their technologies. Its patented contamination-free deposition technology delivers opportunities for the commercialization of graphene by allowing the manufacture of high-purity 2D graphene sheets on semiconductor wafers at commercial scale.

Key people of Cardea were:

  • Ross Bundy, co-founder of both Cardea and CRISPR QC,
  • Prof. Kiana Aran, also co-founder of both Cardea and CRISPR QC,
  • Michael Heltzen, former CEO of Cardea and now Executive Vice President of Strategy at Paragraf