Foretellix Raises $43M in Series C First Closing

Safety-Driven Verification & Validation for ADAS & ADS

Foretellix, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based provider of safety-driven verification and validation solutions for Automated Driving Systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), raised $43M in Series C first closing.

The round, which brought the total amount to $93M, was led by 83North. Backers included Woven Capital, NVIDIA, and Artofin VC. All major existing shareholders also participated, including MoreTech, Nationwide, Volvo Group VC, and Jump Capital.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the development of its product portfolio and accelerate expansion across new geographies.

Led by CEO Ziv Binyamini, Foretellix is a provider of safety-driven verification and validation solutions for Automated Driving Systems and ADAS. Its platform helps automotive, trucking, and mining customers to ensure safety, reduce development costs, and accelerate time-to-market. The platform is used by engineers at OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) stack providers throughout the AV/ADAS development cycle.

It consists of multiple products:

  • Foretify Core –┬áHyperscale virtual test generation and execution engine based on Foretellix’s constrained random test generator, pre-integrated with industry-leading simulators.
  • Foretify Developer –┬áScenario and test development and debug tool, including a visualizer that helps engineers to view and debug single-run test results, including KPIs, checks, and coverage.
  • Foretify Manager┬á–┬áV&V management and big data analytics tool that enables engineers to create and execute metric-based V&V plans, triage, and analyze test results and coverage across virtual simulation and real-world driving.
  • Foretify LogIQ –┬áAutomated drive log analysis tool that identifies scenarios of interest and breaks them down into their sequential building blocks, detects edge cases and anomalies, extracts KPIs and coverage, and provides a powerful log visualization tool.
  • Foretify V-Suite –┬áReady-to-use V&V libraries, including scenarios, verification plans, maps, coverage metrics, and KPIs, that help accelerate customers’ projects. V-Suites can automatically generate┬ámillions of relevant concrete┬áscenarios and easily adapt to customers’ ODD and system requirements.

The company established partnerships with simulation companies, including IPG, NVIDIA, dSPACE, VIRES, AI Motive, and Cognata, providing its customers with a comprehensive verification and validation (V&V) solution.