Deepki Acquires Nooco

Deepki, a London, UK-based provider of an ESG platform for real estate, acquired Nooco, a Paris, France-based provider of a SaaS platform that measures and optimizes the carbon footprint of building construction and renovation projects, from Vinci Energies.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The acquisition will give Deepki the ability to analyze the complete life-cycle of an asset, while accelerating the development of Nooco and improving recognition of CO₂ as an industry KPI, taking into account all potential sources of carbon emissions. As part of the Deepki group, Nooco aims to strengthen its position as a partner to the French and, in 2024, European markets.

Led by Guillaume Jarlot, founder, Nooco specializes in measuring the carbon footprint of construction projects (new projects, rehabilitation, renovation, operations, maintenance, and end-of-life). Incubated within VINCI Energies over three years, the company has become an established industry standard, quickly and reliably calculating carbon emissions, which is essential in the context of the new RE2020 regulation, which aims to reduce the impact of buildings on the climate.

Co-founded by Vincent Bryant and Emmanuel Blanchet, Deepki supports real estate players in their transition to net zero and sustainability. To achieve this transition towards sustainability, the company offers a fully populated ESG data intelligence platform combined with expert advisory services. Its solutions leverage data to improve ESG performance and enhance the value of real estate assets.