Halcyon Closes $50M Series A Funding


Halcyon, an Austin, TX-based provider of a cyber resilience platform, raised $50M in Series A funding.

The round was led by SYN Ventures with participation from Dell Technologies Capital, and Corner Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the development and adoption of its platform.

Led by CEO Jon Miller, Halcyon is a provider of a cyber resilience platform that is designed to defeat ransomware and extortion campaigns, with tools for preventing initial intrusion, disrupting attacks in progress, and immediately reversing the effects of ransomware in the event of a successful attack. Global 2000 companies use it to augment existing XDR/EDR platforms and undo attacks in minutes with bypass and evasion protection, key capture and automated decryption, and exfiltration and extortion prevention.

The system takes a multi-tiered approach to defeating ransomware consisting of;

●  Pre-Execution Ransomware Prevention: The pre-execution layer leverages proprietary AI/ML engines to detect and block any known bad executables like off-the-shelf commodity ransomware, and passes unknown but suspicious executables to the additional protection layers for further analysis. This blocks the majority of off-the-shelf, generic ransomware.

●  Exploitation of Ransomware Features: Tricks ransomware into aborting or revealing the attack by exploiting features hardcoded in the ransomware itself, triggering rulesets via deception techniques to prevent payload detonation.

●  Advanced Ransomware Behavior Detections: Ransomware will trigger the additional protections through deconfliction checks or in initiating its core functions, amplifying malicious behaviors to enhance EPP/EDR/XDR detection efficacy while also protecting these solutions from being blinded, bypassed, or unhooked.

●  Endpoint and Network Resiliency: Halcyon automates resiliency with automated host isolation capabilities that prevent ransomware from spreading to other endpoints and delivers automated encryption key capture and decryption of any impacted assets, eliminating the need to pay a ransom and reducing recovery time from days to minutes.