Habi Receives US$100M Credit Facility from Victory Park Capital


Habi, a Bogota, Colombia-based residential technology company operating in Spanish-speaking Latin America, entered into a US$100m credit facility with Victory Park Capital.

The company will use the credit line to continue strengthening its operations and providing access to liquidity for thousands of Colombian families. 

Led by Brynne McNulty Rojas, CEO and co-founder, Habi is a large buyer and seller of used homes in Colombia and Mexico, and a mortgage originator in Colombia. Its data-driven approach allows it to offer a range of products and services – including iBuying, brokerage, financial services, marketplace and a free home e-valuation tool.  

The company plans to continue building on its portfolio of residential products it has created since 2019 and increasing its volume of used home purchases and sales in Colombia, thereby enabling thousands of middle-class families to access housing in an agile, secure and transparent manner.