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How to Create World-Class Crypto PR



When launching a new cryptocurrency, the large majority of your early work will be forging a place for yourself within this wide community.

At present, there are nearly 30,000 unique cryptocurrencies. That’s a huge amount of competition if you’re only just getting started, meaning that you need to work hard to break into the news cycle.

The very best way of quickly making a name for yourself within the world of crypto is to focus on crypto PR. By engaging with large news networks, online forums, social groups, and a range of media channels, you’re able to rapidly get your name out there for everyone to see.

In this article, we’ll dive into the core elements of creating world-class crypto PR. We’ll touch on exactly why you should use public relations as a core strategy, as well as demonstrate some fantastic tips to get started with.

Let’s dive right into it.

Why Should My Brand Use Crypto PR?

Creating a new cryptocurrency comes with a whole range of challenges. On the technical side, there are countless hoops to jump through and concepts to develop and refine. Many project leaders assume that their work is done once the cryptocurrency is up and running. The truth is that the story is only just beginning.

Once you’ve launched your new cryptocurrency, you’ll have to work on publicizing it across the community. While new cryptocurrencies were once exciting and promising, a shadow of doubt and hesitation has developed over the past few years. In 2018, 80% of all ICOs that were launched turned out to be scams.

This historical event, combined with the current crypto winter, means that you’ll have to fight tooth and nail to ensure that people are interested in your product. But, once you start to publish effective crypto PR, there are a whole range of benefits you can expect:

  • Increased Trust
  • More Support
  • Boosted Investment
  • Community Word-of-Mouth

With these benefits up for grabs, new crypto projects should begin investing in PR as soon as possible.

Tips For Creating Effective Crypto PR

Crypto PR has the added difficulty of existing within a community that is hesitant to trust new projects. Perhaps more than any other industry, you need to demonstrate to the world why they should trust you.

In order to create effective crypto PR, you need to take into account the current position of the industry, using it to develop campaigns that connect with your audience. To do this, we’ve collected a few top tips.

Transparency First, Always

The world of cryptocurrency has seen a fair few scams over the past few years. It seems that this industry can’t go a week without some other headline news breaking about another fraudulent or failed project. With that in mind, you need to ensure that your business is as transparent as possible.

If you’re a decentralized currency, focus on this are a core part of your offering. The ability for investors to clearly understand the benefits of your new project and how it will flourish in the future is vital. After being burnt many times in this field, investors are looking for a transparent project that displays the core of the project at every turn.

Make sure that you stick to quantitative facts, demonstrating the real-world appeal of your project to your audience. Inserting this into every PR element will help garner support, persuading your audience that your project is one that’s worth supporting. 

Secure Your Fundamentals

Cryptocurrency projects exist in a fairly liminal space. While everyone knows that they’re a digital currency, if you’re not able to demonstrate why your project is more than just a random currency, you’re in trouble. 

Before starting to write clever PR announcements or promotional articles, you need to make sure that your base website is as polished as possible. Beyond just having a fancy site, ensure that your whitepaper is carefully crafted and clearly demonstrates the appeal of your currency.

Just being a currency isn’t enough. You need to demonstrate the value of your project, pinpointing within your fundamentals why you are a worthy investment for long-term investors. If you’re unable to demonstrate this to your investors, then you’ll rapidly be categorized as another short-term project that doesn’t have future prospects.

If your fundamentals aren’t there, it’ll be hard to gain any traction at all. 

Use Distribution Networks

One of the most overlooked tactics for creating effective crypto PR is working with experts. Even if you have a previous background in public relations, the specific tactics and strategies that are used within crypto PR differ greatly from the norm. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to bring in experts where you can.

Using a crypto press release distribution, for example, will ensure that you can rapidly access the world’s top news networks. From there, you’ll be able to focus on producing quality content. Instead of spending time securing new network leads to post with, you can put more into every press release you create.

Quality always comes before quantity, with distribution networks freeing up your time and ensuring that your crypto PR is as polished as possible before it gets sent off. You’ll also be reaching more people, so this tip is a total win-win.