Anything World Raises $7.5M in Series Seed Plus Funding

Anything World

Anything World, a London, UK-based provider of a platform for developing interactive 3D experiences, raised $7.5M in Series Seed Plus funding.

Backers included Alumni Ventures, Acrew Capital, Warner Music Group, NGC Ventures, Supernode Ventures, GameTech Ventures and GFR Fund.

The funding will be used for two years of runway, expansion of the team, and the launch of Anything World’s new high-fidelity animation system, which will allow anyone to become a 3D content creator.

Led by CEO Gordon Midwood, Anything World provides 3D-object automation technology that empowers users to build limitless experiences. The platform allows users to request, see, manipulate and experience anything in 3D, with behaviors applied. A key component is the combination of voice computing with behavioral intelligence. Games created with Anything Word include Avatar Runner, Coheed and Cambria, Ubisoft Rabbids and the Pink Planet Experience.