OpenAP Receives Investment from Snowflake Ventures


OpenAP, a New York-based advertising company, received an investment from Snowflake Ventures.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Led by CEO David Levy, OpenAP is an advertising company bringing scale to audience-based campaigns in television. Its technology is open and interoperable, delivering workflow automation and efficiencies on advanced audience campaigns for agencies, brands and publishers.

The investment expands on the existing commercial relationship and will accelerate the development of the OpenAP Data Hub, TV’s cross-platform and cross-publisher clean room solution. First introduced in June 2022, the OpenAP Data Hub is a new clean room solution for the television industry that is Powered by Snowflake and will give publishers and advertisers access to rich, cross-platform data in privacy-compliant environments to power more effective audiences for targeting and measurement. The investment will be followed by an initial release of data and services to the OpenAP Data Hub in the fourth quarter of calendar year 2022.