Steadybit Raises $7.8M in Seed Funding

Steadybit, a Cologne, Germany-based provider of a chaos engineering platform, raised $7.8M in Seed funding.

Backers included boldstart ventures, Angular Ventures and New Forge, along with a number of angel investors and individuals within the DevOps community.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate growth and expand operations.

Co-founded by Benjamin Wilms (CEO), Dennis Schulte (CTO), and Johannes Edmeier (head of engineering), Steadybit provides a platform built to manage the nature of multi-cloud environments, multi-region application architecture, and the numerous microservices running inside of containers and Kubernetes. The platform can define applications’ steady-states by integrating existing load tests and monitoring tools, inject failure modes like network latency, and check for resilience best practices by applying resilience policies. It can then patch them automatically using its auto fix.

Key features include:

  • An experiment editor that makes it easy to precisely model past incidents, hypotheses about a system, or architecture requirements without any prior programming experience.
  • Blast radius controls on a team and environment level that enable safe Chaos Engineering roll-outs at any scale and at any level of expertise.
  • A comprehensive API that allows deep integration of the product into existing workflows and rigorous automation to reduce the administrative effort of large-scale roll-outs.