Park Systems Acquires Accurion

Park Systems

Park Systems Corp. (KOSDAQ: 140860), a Seoul, South Korea-based manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes, acquired Accurion GmbH, a Goettingen, Germany-based company that develops and manufactures imaging spectroscopic ellipsometers and active vibration isolations.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

This acquisition adds to Park’s portfolio of atomic force microscopy and white-light interferometric microscopy.

Originally a spin-off from the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry by Stephan Ferneding, CEO, Accurion has pioneered the field of imaging spectroscopic ellipsometry. Its Ellipsometers combine ellipsometry and optical microscopy in a single device, which applied to new areas of microanalysis, microelectronics, and bio analytics.

Led by Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO, Park Systems is a manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems, with a complete range of products for researchers and engineers in the chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, semiconductor and data storage industries. Customers include most of the world’s top 20 largest semiconductor companies and national research universities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The company also has regional headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Mannheim, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, India, and Mexico City.