Great Bay Bio Raises USD15M in Pre-Series B Funding

Great Bay Bio

Great Bay Bio (GBB), a Hong Kong, China-based healthcare company, raised USD15M in Pre-Series B funding.

The round was led by Tiger Jade Capital with participation from AEF Greater Bay Area Fund (managed by Gobi Partners GBA), and Vectr Ventures, as well as existing institutional investors.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the development of AI-empowered bioprocessing platforms, the construction of production facilities; as well as the establishment of a global commercial development team.

Led by Kingsley Leung, Chairman and Co-founder, GBB develops and aims to provide an “end-to-end” AI-enabled bioprocessing platform to satisfy the R&D and commercial demands of global customers. The company pioneers a concept of “AI + Bioprocessing.” Two proprietary AI+CMC technology platforms, AlfaCell® and AlfaMedX®, have been commercialized and used by multiple biopharma companies. Empowered by the AlfaCell® platform, the uncertainties of productivity and stability are eliminated in the cell line development process, thus reducing the workload and improving the efficiency of upstream bioprocess development. The AlfaMedX® platform enables GBB to establish a culture medium library of more than one thousand formulas and provide rapid customized culture medium development services to customers. Currently, AlfaCell®, AlfaMedX® and other AI solutions have been used to improve the CMC process of various biological drugs including fusion proteins, monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibody drugs, etc. Meanwhile, GBB’s end-to-end solutions have supported R&D of synthetic biology, industrial enzyme preparations, cultured meat, and other biomanufacturing fields.