New B2B Surveys Service from Dialectica Addresses Demand for Real-Time, Informed Decision Making

Dialectica Team

New insights service provides access to primary research to help business and investment professionals evaluate billion-dollar investment opportunities

Information services company Dialectica has launched B2B Surveys, a new service that enhances its comprehensive portfolio of bespoke insights services. B2B Surveys enables business and investment professionals – including the world’s leading consulting, hedge fund, and private equity firms – to gather proprietary quantitative insights using research methods that have historically been limited to the world of B2C insights. The solution addresses demand for a bespoke survey offering that matches Dialectica’s expert interview service. 

“At a time when the appetite for validated and trusted business insights and market data is soaring worldwide, businesses and investment professionals are looking for innovative ways to access primary research and real-time information to inform business decisions and evaluate billion-dollar investment opportunities,” says Fred Corkett, Managing Director and Co-founder at Dialectica. Corkett also leads the company’s innovation unit. 

According to Corkett, Dialectica architected its B2B Surveys service to ensure research datasets are representative of the niche markets of interest to their clients. They also provide assurance that survey responses are from vetted B2B experts. He notes that, “helping our clients make smarter, better, and faster decisions is our team’s passion and this new service is built with their needs in mind.” 

Dialectica positions its B2B Surveys service as a one-stop-shop offering that includes survey design advisory, programming of the survey, custom recruitment of expert respondents, and visualization of survey outputs. The service provides transparency in survey respondent identity and generates high-speed insights to meet tight M&A deal- and decision-making timetables. 

Roula Zaarour, who was recently appointed Dialectica’s Managing Director for the Americas and is responsible for leading the company in the region, notes that the company is rapidly scaling its operations and doubling its workforce in the Americas, and expanding its product portfolio to meet client demand for fast access to real-time data and information to inform critical business decisions. 

Zaarour adds that, “B2B Surveys strengthen our positioning in the market by supporting clients who need to gather survey insights and make evidence-based decisions within niche B2B markets.” 

Commenting on its growth plans, Zaarour says that Dialectica plans to continue investing in its talent, the company’s most important asset, as well as its research excellence capabilities, along with its robust compliance framework, and cutting-edge technology. The company positions itself to become a global leader in the information services industry.

Dialectica, which is headquartered in the UK and leads its Americas operations from Montreal, has grown from a team of 100 to more than 750 employees across Europe and the Americas in just three years.

Dialectica’s Client Service team follows an agile research-first approach. By rapidly iterating its expert search based on a deep understanding of client projects, its employees are focused on sourcing the most relevant insights from hard-to-find experts from any global industry. 

Dialectica’s vision is to shape better business decision-making worldwide for clients, which include the world’s leading investment and consulting firms, as well as the largest corporations. Dialectica enables these organizations to collect real-time information and market insights from industry experts across markets, industries, and regions. The company counts hundreds of success stories across numerous markets, from commercial drones, biotechnology, and medical imaging to agriculture, grocery retail, and many more.

Dialectica has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe in 2022 and 2021 by the Financial Times and Statista. In 2021, Dialectica grew by 100% and was named a Best Workplace in Europe for its continued commitment to investing in its employees’ development and fostering a culture of trust and open communication. By 2025, Dialectica aims to reach the milestone of 1,200 team members across Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Dialectica plans to continue expanding its commercial ventures and develop more information services products in the next three to five years.