Landa Launches With $33M in Venture Funding; $62M in Debt


Landa, a NYC-based real estate investing company, raised $25m in Series A funding.

The funding was led by investors including NFX, 83North, and Viola Ventures. The round brought total equity raised to $33m with the inclusion of a previously raised $8m seed round. The company has also raised $62m in debt financing.

Founded by Yishai Cohen and Amit Assaraf, Landa enables everyone to access and benefit from investing in real estate, regardless of income. The company purchases properties, divides them into shares for investors, and rents them out. Investors have the potential to net a long-term investment while also enjoying a dividend income from their properties.  The interface allows investors to browse properties, purchase shares, and have an overview of their portfolios. Landa also provides free educational tools to help individuals learn the ropes of real estate and create a smart portfolio.

Through a fractional ownership model, Landa enables individuals to access the real estate market for as little as $5. It currently has properties in Atlanta and New York City and will soon be launching in Charlotte, Birmingham, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville.