Keyavi Data Raises $13M in Series A Funding

Keyavi Data Corp., a Durango, Colo.-based cybersecurity solution provider whose proprietary technologies secure businesses from internal and external data loss and intrusion, raised $13m in Series A funding.

Proceeds will be used to accelerate growth, including expansion into new markets and the acquisition of expert-level talent, including engineering to further support customer demand.

Led by Elliot Lewis, CEO, and Todd Demko, Chief Strategy Officer, Keyavi provides self-protecting, intelligent and self-aware cybersecurity technology that enables an individual piece of data to think for itself; secure itself; control where, when and who is allowed to access it; refuse access to unauthorized users; stay continually aware of its surroundings and automatically report back to its owner – with all these capabilities built into the data itself. The company’s API platform and a full suite of applications riding on that platform also provide data owners with controls to allow, revoke or deny access to their information – no matter who has it, on any platform or device, regardless of how many copies exist.