.bit Raises $13M in Series A Funding

.bit, a US, China, and Singapore-based developer of a cross-chain decentralized identity protocol, raised $13m in Series A funding.

The Series A round, completed one year after the startup’s launch, was led by CMB International, HashKey Capital, QingSong Fund, GSR Ventures, GGV Capital, and SNZ. 

The company intends to user the funds to expand its development efforts to build its protocol.

.bit is a cross-chain decentralized identity protocol launched in July 2021. It has boasts over 110k accounts and integrated with 100+ wallets and dApps such as Trust Wallet, Torus, TokenPocket, imToken, iToken, BitKeep, AlphaWallet, HyperPay, MathWallet, WePiggy, NFTSCan, NFTGO, Relation, ShowMe, UneMeta, Dtools, Evolution Land, UniPass, Mail3, Link3, Quest3, 0xEcho, Transit Swap, 5Degrees, cc0.network, COCH, SeekDID, DASLA, SuperDID and many others. The startup comprises a small team of ten spread across the U.S., China, and Singapore, led by Tim Yoeh, Specer Shaw, Jeff Jin, Kyle Wright, who were colleagues at Tencent.

Initial applications for .bit’s decentralized identity protocol include Cryptocurrency transfer, decentralized domain resolution, personal profile display, etc. It is expected that .bit will eventually be used as membership and credential management for DAOs, brands and IPs, celebrities and fans, clubs and communities.

Further use cases for .bit’s decentralized identity product include supporting the one billion citizens who lack legal identification.