Bevi Raises $70M in Series D Funding 

Bevi, a Boston, MA-based developer of smart water coolers, raised $70m in Series D funding.

Cowen Sustainable Investments provided the funding.

The company, which has raised a total of $130.3m, intends to use the funds to continue to expand operations and its business reach.

Bevi is a developer of bottleless water dispensers for offices and commercial spaces. The company offers the Standup 2.0 water dispenser, which allows users to choose still or sparkling, pick a temperature, mix flavors, and top a drink off with an enhancement to create their favorite water, and the Countertop water dispenser, which delivers still and sparkling water, four flavors, and internet monitoring to keep it all well-stocked.

Users can choose from over a dozen zero and low-calorie flavors, made from natural extracts and no artificial ingredients. Each is vegan, kosher certified, and free from sodium, gluten, and GMOs. 

Bevi is a Techstars Boston alum.