What Does 2022 Look Like for EVs and EV Charging Stations

electric car charging station

There is a lot of buzz about the future of electric vehicles (EVs) in 2022. With more and more companies starting to look at investments in the vehicle type, there are a lot of opportunities to enter the space as a consumer as well as a casual user of EVs in cities.

There are two major trends occurring in the EV market in 2022 that you should know about. They both pertain to increased access to EVs and EV charging stations. Simply put, it’s easier than ever to see the future of driving with access to electric vehicles and you should try one out or even make a purchase. Here are the trends to watch.

More Spots to Charge

One major concern in the early days of electric vehicles was the ability to charge your car while out and about. At home, even, the need for a powerful enough outlet was worrisome and kept many from making a purchase. The good news is that both at-home charging and public charging stations are getting better every single month.

Firstly, public charging stations for EVs are becoming more common all around the country. You can often find them at top grocery stores, malls, and cities in a way that we didn’t see in the 2010s. This is a good sign for EV owners as well as prospective EV buyers who want to know they can charge from anywhere while they’re running errands or at work.

Another important distinction is the increase in affordability and accessibility of EV charging connections that don’t utilize Level 1 charging. The faster and more powerful Level 2 charging connectors for EVs are more common in homes today thanks to stronger 240-watt outlets that are becoming the norm in homes. This means that whether you’re on the go or in your garage, you can charge your vehicle quickly and be on your way. It’s not just about EV owners either though. You’re seeing a new trend in car-sharing that’s making waves in the EV market as well.

Car Sharing Goes Electric

Car sharing is not new in major cities, but it is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. As cities look to reduce their emissions, car-sharing programs that utilize EVs are becoming a great answer to the needs of visitors and residents while also ensuring that emissions are kept to a minimum.

Car sharing is the process of picking up a vehicle from a designated lot and using it only to return it again when you’re done using it. That’s a great process that many find to be helpful, but the station-based pick-up and drop-off model is a natural fit for EVs thanks to charging stations serving as a great place to leave or grab a car to go. Because more people are using these programs than buying vehicles, EV makers are benefiting from putting their cars in these lots and spaces in major cities.


There are a lot of ways to embrace the EV market thanks to major upgrades taking place in 2022. If you’re ready to buy, then there are more places than ever to charge your car while you’re away from home. Even at home, you can charge your car more efficiently which saves you the stress of worrying about your battery.

Additionally, EV car sharing is becoming a growing way to combat environmental issues while also keeping people near cars they can use as often as they might need. The future is bright for electric vehicles, and it continues to improve every year. 2022 is the first year, however, where we can truly see how transformative these cars will be.