Do You Need Italian Citizenship To Begin Your Business In Italy?


Setting up or expanding a business in a foreign country is a milestone for entrepreneurs. And if the country is as beautiful and flourishing as Italy, stepping into its market becomes more admirable.

The country offers numerous opportunities for different industries such as life sciences, renewable energy, ICT, fashion, real estate, food, and more. Once you are able to establish your name in the Italian market, you are one step closer to becoming the best. 

Nevertheless, establishing your business in Italy requires you to comply with numerous regulations. For instance, to facilitate business operations, it would be wise if you could get Italian citizenship. You can get a consultation with Bersani Law Firm&Partners and learn about different ways you can qualify for citizenship, particularly in the matter of citizenship by descent. But, first, let’s clear some basics!

Need For Italian Citizenship

One of the complications that entrepreneurs willing to start their operation in Italy face is the “establishment of reciprocity.” To explain simply, Italian citizens should also get the same rights in non-EU countries for setting up their business. Any limitation on them in your home country will also be imposed on your business. You can check the Italian ministry of foreign affairs database to verify the rights given and restrictions imposed on your business. 

An easy way out of this situation would be to get Italian citizenship. Setting up a business will become much easier when you become a citizen of this country. It will lower the number of rules and regulations to follow and might also provide additional benefits to your business. Now, the question is- 

How Can You Get Italian Citizenship?

There are numerous ways to get citizenship, such as by getting married to an Italian citizen, through naturalization, and by descent. The first two processes are not quite feasible if you are already married or can not wait for years to commence your business. Thankfully, if your ancestors are from Italy, you’ll be able to get citizenship by descent. 

What Is Italian Citizenship By Descent?

As the name suggests, this means of getting permanent residency in the country is associated with your family’s origin. So, if your grandparents or great-grandparents (or other ancestors) were Italian citizens, you can qualify for “Jure Sanguinis” (meaning the right of blood). 

What Are The Documents Required? 

Once you are eligible for availing citizenship; you need to provide the following documents: 

  • Copy of your ancestor (great-grandfather, grandfather, or father’s) birth certificate from Italy. 
  • Copy of your mother’s birth certificate
  • Your parents’ marriage certificate
  • Italian passport of your ancestor 
  • naturalization certificate of your ancestors
  • Death certificate (if applicable)
  • Your application form and declaration
  • Your birth certificate and marriage certificate
  • Your current passport and driver’s license

Apart from these, you may also need to provide some other evidence of being of Italian descent. Therefore, working with a reputed and qualified attorney is recommended as they can guide you throughout the process. 

Consulting An Attorney 

Understanding establishing a descent is quite complex and requires you to fulfill different legalities. Having an attorney by your side will help streamline the process and create a proper family tree that proves your eligibility for citizenship. So, you must find a qualified attorney. 


Establishing a business in a foreign country is easier said than done. However, availing of citizenship can help limit the legalities involved, so you must consider this idea.