Colorful Capital Launches with Focus on Companies Led By LGBTQ+ Founders

Colorful Capital

Colorful Capital, an Evanston, IL-based venture capital firm focused on investing in the power and talent of the LGBTQ+ market, officially launched. 

Co-founded by Megan Kashner, a Professor of Sustainability and Social Impact at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and William Burckart, CEO of TIIP (The Investment Integration Project), Colorful Capital aims to deliver capital and support to the undervalued community of LGBTQ+ founders at the seed and pre-seed stage, with investments of up to $1 million. Investment areas include food and agriculture, climate tech, media and entertainment, consumer products and services, B2B SaaS, and personal care and health.

To achieve its mission, the firm has assembled a talented group of Advisors, bringing together leaders across academia, impact finance, asset management and traditional investment. In addition to providing counsel, this diverse array of advisors is reaching across the market to surface the right ventures, founders, and connections for the firm.