Andreessen Horowitz Launches $4.5 Billion Crypto Fund 4

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horovitz has launched Crypto Fund 4, totaling $4.5 billion.

The fund will focus on exploiting the opportunities of web3. Approximately $1.5 billion will be dedicated to seed investments, and $3 billion to venture investments. This brings the firm’s total crypto/web3 funds raised to date to over $7.6 billion.

The fund will be invested in web3 startups at every stage, in such areas as web3 games, DeFi, decentralized social media, self-sovereign identity, layer 1 and layer 2 infrastructure, bridges, DAOs & governance, NFT communities, privacy, creator monetization, regenerative finance, new applications of ZK proofs, decentralized content & story creation, and others. 

According to a post by Chris Dixon, the firm’s operating functions supporting backed companies include:

  • Research and engineering, which helps portfolio companies solve technical challenges in areas like cryptography, mechanism design, protocol design, and tokenomics; as well as conducting research to advance the science and technology of the next generation of the internet.
  • Security, which helps in areas like key management, smart contract auditing, and formal verification, along with application and infrastructure security.
  • Talent and people, which helps with recruiting executive, technical, and product talent, plus developing organizational frameworks to support scaling.
  • Legal and regulatory, which helps portfolio companies navigate regulatory uncertainty, and charts pathways for DAOs and decentralization.
  • Go-to-market, which helps with marketing, communications, content, growth, strategic partnerships, and more.