The Impact that Cryptocurrency Has Had On Various Industries


In 2009, someone known only under the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto released what went on to become the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a form of decentralized, digital currency, which exists solely online as ones and zeroes, and is completely untraceable, and unregulated by any central authorities (banks, governments, etc.).

In the years that followed, Bitcoin went from what many considered a passing fad, or worse a waste of money, to one of the most popular investment options in the world. Today, there are very few people who are completely unfamiliar with the crypto market, and not just in Europe and America too. Cryptocurrency has made the rounds around the world, and has become embraced in Asia, Africa and South America. In fact, in 2021, El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender in the country. 

In the dozen years since Bitcoin’s invention, the crypto has become accepted in the mainstream, and this acceptance has led to quite a bit of changes in various industries. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few industries on which crypto has had a major impact. 

The iGaming Industry

The gambling industry has changed quite a bit in the 21st century. For one, the vast rise in popularity of online casinos like, has made it so gambling games are a lot more accessible to most folks. This availability makes it much easier for gamblers to play their favorite games much more frequently, as these websites are often times accessible through any electronic device. 

Another major change, is the embracing of bitcoin on the part of most casinos, both online, and land-based. Brick-and-mortar casinos the world over have begun accepting crypto trades in exchange for chips, and many have even begun to offer crypto-based withdrawals. The same is true for online casinos, some of which have specialized in nothing but Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. These so-called Bitcoin Casinos (or Crypto Casinos) are becoming all the rage in the gambling world. 

The Shopping Industry

Another major industry, which has experienced a massive change thanks to bitcoin, is the shopping industry. Shopping outlets all over the United States (and the world in general) have decided to accept different cryptocurrencies, though Bitcoin remains the most popular. 

One industry that has especially embraced crypto, is the online shopping industry, with online shopping websites like AliExpress embracing payment from many different cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin, Ether, etc.

The Tech Industry

It won’t come as much of a shock to some of you, to hear that the tech industry has been hugely changed by Bitcoin. After all, cryptocurrency has its roots in computer programming and economics. Tech giants, like Microsoft, have begun to dabble in the crypto market, and some have decided that cryptocurrency might even be the way of the future, and thus have begun to accept crypto-based payments. On top of that, many tech companies have seen major success in the past decade, as they’ve made blockchain design and maintenance their top priority.