Company EOS Data Analytics Partners With GEOSAT


Satellite monitoring is being used in various sectors of economy, in state, regional, and municipal planning and management.

The need to use remote sensing data to improve the quality of management is beyond doubt. Monitoring from space makes it possible to obtain uniform and quality information simultaneously for vast territories, which is practically unattainable with any terrestrial research method.

Our planet is constantly changing, causing significant growth in the earth observation market. Its explosive rise in popularity ensures that we can keep track of the changes that occur. In 2019, the global satellite-based earth observation market had a value of about $2,800 million and is expected to surpass the $4 million mark by 2025.

The ever-increasing potential benefits of satellite technology have attracted investments from governments and private companies, leading to a rise in demand for satellite-driven platforms by consumers. These new investors and startups focus on building satellites that remain in low earth orbit.

Earth observation technologies have piqued the interest in space. Remote sensing technologies, including satellite monitoring, help to detect and track the impact that human activities have on the environment, such as global warming, agriculture, and farming, natural and man-made disasters, etc. These technologies have already transformed agriculture, forestry, mining, and other industries by offering invaluable insights for making more effective, data-based decisions when planning activities and monitoring any important changes. For example, data from satellites can be used by farmers to know when and where to plant, fertilize, irrigate, and harvest for better crop yields.

EOSDA Entered An Agreement With GEOSAT

EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA) is among the top companies in the world that provide AI-powered satellite data analytics. This company recently established cooperation with GEOSAT. It is a European EO satellite operator for developing and delivering EO products in Ukraine and other regions of the World.

GEOSAT will deliver up-to-date satellite imagery to EOSDA for processing and analytics to achieve cutting-edge information products. This cooperation will also boost EOSDA’s capabilities of providing earth observation services and products in European and other countries while also helping to monitor Ukraine and 100 km of its borders. It will be useful for such sectors as agriculture, geology, forestry, mining, wildlife reservation, etc., thanks to access to information necessary for their operations management.

More information about EOS and GEOSAT 2

EOS Data Analytics provides some of the best AI satellite data analytics in the world. They provide their users with services like remote sensing, which has become an integral part of industries like agriculture and forestry.

The founder of EOSDA, Max Polyakov,  claims that, “High-quality satellite imagery and data from GEOSAT will allow for new capabilities to enhance environmental activities and the development of industries globally, utilizing satellite-driven analytics in their operations to enhance economic and social conditions in the long term.”

Global Earth Observation Satellites (GEOSTAT) is a company that operates GEOSAT-1 and GEOSAT-2 with its headquarters in Portugal. It provides earth observation services and products to all markets. The GEOSAT venture is a joint effort between Omnidea Group, CEiiA, and the Atlantic International Research Centre. GEOSAT provides high-quality images to all its customers around the world.

GEOSAT-2 is orbiting the earth in the sun-synchronous orbit, which is at an altitude of about 620 kilometers. So, it revisits the same site every two days.

Why is this partnership important?

The strategic partnership between EOSDA and GEOSAT 2 will contribute to the enhancement of Ukraine’s space intelligence capabilities and the improvement of quality space data collection. The information could also be of great value when it comes to tackling modern challenges in the farming, forestry, and other industries.