Bet365 Reports Revenue of £2.81B For 2020/2021


Some gambling companies are more popular than others because of their experience and the things they offer.

Despite the fact that there are many new online bookmakers and casinos, punters usually prefer gambling sites that have been around for at least a couple of years. Since sites like Efirbet help punters find trustworthy bookmakers, people can find more information about various

brands, including Bet365. The reviews will help gamblers learn more about the available betting sections, features, payment options, and more.

Since Bet365 is one of the most recognizable names in this business, it shouldn’t come as a surprise it is one of the most expensive brands. According to credible sources, Bet365’s revenue for 2020/2021 reached £2.81B, which is impressive even if you compare it to other big betting companies.

The COVID-19 pandemic had an effect on the iGaming industry in many ways, so it shouldn’t be surprised it also affected Bet365. 

The pandemic affected the live betting options

One of the things that people have to know about Bet365 is that this company is considered to be among the best sports betting operators. Even though it offers several other categories, its sportsbook is home to an impressive number of options.

Punters use Bet365’s sportsbook because they can wager on various sports, choose from excellent markets, and avail themselves of numerous bonuses. Another thing that this bookie is known for is its features, such as Cash Out and Live Betting. The latter allows people to place bets on ongoing events and use several other options, including live video.

Although live betting attracts a lot of clients at Bet365, the company was unable to rely on this feature for at least a couple of months in 2020. Due to the global pandemic and the lockdowns, most sports events were postponed, which is why people could not place bets on live sports events. 

Needless to say, this affected companies like Bet365 because they were among the go-to options for those kinds of things. Despite that, the company’s revenue is impressive, which means it found a way to bounce back.

More people started to gamble instead of betting on sports

The pandemic affected sports betting worldwide, which is why every betting company with a sportsbook suffered some losses. Those who’ve read the reviews from Efirbet know that this company is mostly known for its sports betting services. However, it also offers a casino section where punters can find various options. It shouldn’t be surprising that gambling helped Bet365 cover its losses from the decline in sports betting.

In fact, the company said that gambling rose by 8%, which means that more people played slots and games with live dealers. Bet365 has an intriguing casino section that provides a wide array of bonuses, so it attracts loads of players.

Bet365 also earned a lot of money from Stoke City FC

Many world-class gambling companies sponsor different football clubs because this helps them gain new customers. Although this brand does the same, it decided to take this one step further and become the owner of Stoke City FC. The latter is one of the famous English football clubs in England’s second-most prestigious football competition.

Since Stoke City has many fans in the country, Bet365 earned around £29.3m in revenue from the club and its facilities. This amount may seem impressive, but it is not that much compared to the company’s betting site, which gained 13% more active customers.