How Technology Has Influenced Pet Care Industry


If you are a pet owner or manage a pet business, you must know that this industry is like a gold mine waiting to be harnessed to its fullest.

The industry has already taken off, and there is no chance of it slowing down in the near future. This is mainly because pet parents are emotional towards their pets. It is similar to the baby industry, where parental emotions are why businesses do so well, and parents are ready to spend extra on premium products and services. Feelings towards pets have also become somewhat similar, especially during the pandemic, when many families have adopted pets.

Now, as the world is beginning to function normally, and we are forced to get out of the house to work, pet parents cannot be around 24/7 for their fur babies. This has increased their dependency on technology to keep the animal engaged and occupied.

As pet owners are determined to offer the best for their loved companions, the pet industry is making sure to capitalize on this emotion. The emotions are so strong that owners let pets sleep on their beds; they are taken to exclusive pet pools during summers, and pets have their own parks to have fun. They are a family member and are treated no less than others. But with the infinite love of a pet comes anxiety and the need for care that owners are determined to offer them.

So how has technology really affected the pet care industry? Well, here are a few examples below.

1. Healthcare:

Technology first and foremost affects healthcare as it advances the methods further. More devices and equipment to assist healthcare to ensure the increased age expectancy of pets is notable. Online medical assistance is something that has helped several pet parents get immediate assistance when needed that too 24/7. The surgery success rates have been enhanced due to technology. Major surgeries have been converted to laparoscopic procedures that reduce the rate of infection as well as recovery time.

You also cannot ignore the growth of the pet insurance industry, as it is easily accessible to owners through their laptops or mobile devices. An increase in the pet insurance industry lowers owners’ overall premium cost, hence offering pets expensive emergency treatment when in need. Different breeds have different insurance costs that you need to enquire such as the Cavapoo insurance cost may vary from the cost of insurance for a Poodle. You need to inquire about these details from the pet insurance company before applying for one.

2. Improved Fitness:

Technology has made tracking pet fitness as easy as it is for humans. Wearable technology such as smart collars can monitor the pet’s health. It is like Fitbit for dogs that collect data such as your pet’s activity, oxygen levels, etc. Because of all this data, the vets can easily diagnose a condition in the pet if they have any.

3. Microchipping:

This is quite common nowadays and should be mandatory for pet owners. A microchip is inserted into the dog’s neck and is a pain-free procedure. This chip contains all the information about the dog and its owners. If a pet is lost and found by someone and taken to the shelter, they will check if the dog is chipped. This procedure takes a few minutes but can last a lifetime. This is a great way to ensure your pet will be returned to you if found.

4. Automatic Water Dispensers:

Water intake in animals is essential for a balanced diet just like humans. Especially water is vital for maintaining optimum internal temperature and helps carry essential nutrients into the body’s cells. Ideally, a dog should be drinking an ounce of water per pound of its body weight every day to ensure that they are well hydrated. It has been noted that dogs are more fond of drinking running water than stagnant. If you give them water in a bowl, it may not interest them, and they will drink water when they really feel thirsty. Whereas, a water fountain looks playful and entices them to drink more water. It comes with an attached filter that ensures that the water is fresh. Also, the falling stream of water is oxygen aerated that falls into the dish with an adjusted flow level.

Another issue that owners faced was the availability of water in the owners’ absence. Thanks to the technology, automated water dispensers take away the hassle of refilling fresh water in the bowl repeatedly. Now you do not have to worry that your dog will run out of water in your absence as such products make it possible to automate the entire system.

5. Webcams:

It is impossible to take your pet everywhere with you; hence, you sometimes have to leave them home alone. This may be an anxious moment for both you and your pet. You may wonder what your pet is up to the entire time, and your pet may get separation anxiety. Installing a webcam with two-way audio can solve this issue. A few cameras come with a treat dispenser too, which is more interactive for the pet and the reward system can keep them well behaved.

6. Smart Toys:

As you miss your pet when away from home, your pet misses you too. Mainly, as the pet gets no engagement from you, they may get bored and hence destructive. This problem can be solved by giving them smart toys that can be controlled with the help of an app on your phone. This toy may come in the shape of a bone or a ball to keep the pet engaged, even if you are not home. You need to link the toy to a network, and viola; your pet has an interactive toy to play with.

The Bottom Line:

Technology has crept into every field and enhanced our lives. Hence, it is no different for our pets. The examples mentioned above are just a handful of them, and there are many available and further several more to come. Especially with the growth of pet welfare awareness, the impact of technology on pet care will only go up.