Challau Raises Raises Over $500K in Pre-Seed Funding


Challau, a London, UK-based metaverse platform which enables users without a VR headset or high-end computer to enter immersive 3D environments, raised over $500K in Pre-Seed funding.

The round was led by 7percent Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate growth, expand operations and its business reach.

Led by CEO Muhammad Zain Khawaja, Challau is a metaverse platform that lets users create their own virtual world and meet up as 3D avatars for immersive team meetings, online learning and social hangouts – like video calling but more immersive. Each virtual world can be accessed via a unique website link on smartphone or computer web browsers in a single click without needing to download any software or set up VR headsets.

Users can create their own virtual home, office or college campus in the Challau metaverse and can easily invite others to their 3D worlds. Features like 3D screen sharing, whiteboards, webcam sharing, spatial audio and games deliver utility, fun and immersion for a variety of use cases.

Nearly 200 college campuses, 400 offices, and over 3000 residential properties have been established on Challau.