3 Ways Tesla is Leading the Sustainability Change


Tesla is an innovative company established in 2003 whose main focus has been to help the world transition into a sustainable economy by investing in clean, renewable energy.

The world in recent times has seen drastic climate changes that threaten to shift the world and destroy the planet. It is important that we embrace innovations that lead to sustainability and a green economy.

In order to reduce global warming, behavioral change is required. Humanity has however proved to itself that this is sometimes a difficult task to achieve. Tesla however is keen to get rid of the stigma related to the use of sustainable energy through various business innovations such as the Tesla powerwall which are consumer-centric and appealing. This article will highlight 3 ways in which Tesla is leading the sustainability charge.


Tesla produces products that people want to have. Prior to Tesla manufacturing its first electric car model, previous inventions were not found attractive in the market especially because of how the car looked like. Tesla provides aesthetically pleasing cars that have won over car enthusiasts from all around the world. 

Unlike other manufacturers, |Tesla directly sells to its consumers, provides free home services through Tesla rangers and has created its own network of charging station for its electric vehicles where cars can be charged for free for a 30 minute duration. All this is aimed at ensuring that the adoption rate grows higher as it is easy to maintain the cars at a lower cost.

This company also manufactures products that are made from recyclable material   A great example is the Tesla powerwall. This battery when spent is recycled into new material for production. Tesla recently doubled the powerwall capacity for free giving proof of its belief in the providence of sustainable energy. The Tesla powerwall has significantly reduced the consumption of non-renewable energy in providing electricity in homes and businesses.


Tesla in recent years has partnered with other companies to create more innovations aimed at increasing global sustainability. Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder announced that his company will not be filing any charges against individuals or businesses who want to apply their technology to accelerate sustainable transport as the world would benefit more with its rapid rise.

The company also collaborated with another firm, Solar city which is a solar panel provider to make an incredible product dubbed the solar roof. With the appearance of a traditional roofing tile but with solar cells hidden within it. Yet again a sustainable product using clean renewable energy but stylish , long-lasting, well insulated and generating electricity.

Tesla is also looking to partner and support new technology such as the hyperloop system. Hyperloop users will be transported between Los Angeles and San Fransisco at speeds of about 760mph using compressed air and magnetic systems. The hyperloop will be powered by a massive solar panel that will be installed on its roof. This project was a vision of both Tesla and SpaceX.

3.Tesla Gigafactory

This factory being built in Nevada once completed should be 100% powered by clean, renewable energy. Factory designs show the firm covered with solar panels and wind farms built around it. It is expected that this factory will reduce the Tesla powerwall battery prices through its economies of scale and make it available and affordable to more people.

This will help in achieving Teslas’ mission of transitioning the world to sustainable energy. It will be no wonder if Tesla pulls this innovation off, just like the Tesla Powerwall it might offer great benefits to the world.


Teslas’ effort to create sustainability are vast and have a far-reaching impact. The Tesla powerwall which is the most recent of its innovation has had unprecedented success in the solar battery industry. Teslas’ sustainable leadership model has become a role model for companies who are looking to gain coma petitive edge in the market while still protecting the eco system.

 Electrical vehicles are necessary but their innovation alone cannot help stop the climate change effects that we are all facing. Tesla recognizes this and ensures that all its business activities are aimed at creating a sustainable world. All businesses should work to adopt the Tesla sustainability model for human survival.