WeAre8 Raises $15M in Series B Funding

WeAre8, a London, United Kingdom-based provider of a hate-free social app, raised $15m in series B funding.

Backers included Channel 4 and Centerstone Capital.

The company intends to user the funds to expand operations and its marketing efforts.

Led by Sue Fennessy, Founder and CEO, WeAre8 provides an app that pays users to watch advertisements and an ad buying platform that allows advertisers to receive transformational media results all while delivering against their ESG and sustainability goals. 55% of every pound advertisers spend on WeAre8 is shared directly with people and charities, with another 5% going to a creator fund to fuel micro shows, collaborations and monthly challenges on the 8Stage – a hate-free evolution of the social feed. 

The company will launch its first TV advertising campaign in the UK across Channel 4’s platform portfolio including its streaming service All 4 in Q2 2022 to drive brand awareness and reach across its young audience.

The company has been operating in stealth mode with a team of 52 employees, developing its technology for a full global launch, which is now imminent in the UK.  

In 2020, WeAre8 was certified as a B-Corporation.