5 Boating Technology Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

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Technology has revolutionized the boating industry. Innovators are constantly coming up with new ways to make our time on the water more enjoyable, safe, and efficient.

From improved navigational systems to sustainable systems, these are our top 5 boating technology trends to watch out for in 2022.

Electric Outboard Motor

Torqeedo 1103C is the world’s first electric outboard motor that offers GPS-based range calculation. Its motor is super quiet, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of being on the water without disturbing the marine life.

The E-motion 180E is the latest electric outboard motor to watch out for as it is the most powerful. This motor was designed with the environment in mind. 

It produces zero emissions, making it great for fishing trips or eco-tours. E-motion 180E is completely silent and has a top speed of 18 knots, so you can easily cruise along at your desired pace.

Co-pilot Navigational System

This is a program that uses artificial intelligence to help you navigate. 

It can create a virtual map of your desired destination and provide you with real-time updates on conditions, so you can avoid obstacles and safely reach your destination.

The co-pilot navigational system helps you navigate a rented yacht using GPS, AIS (Automatic Identification System), and other electronic charts. 

For example, if you rent a yacht in Miami, you can easily navigate your way to the Florida Keys, or be more daring and sail to the Bahamas – without a skipper.

The system is easy to install and use. Some of its exciting features include live weather forecasting, route planning, and intuitive alerts.

It will help you avoid collisions, navigate in restricted waters, and find your way back to port if you get lost. It also has an emergency SOS feature that will send your location to the coast guard if you need assistance.

Green Technologies

According to the International Maritime Organization, ocean vessels contribute 1.12 billion tons of CO₂ emissions every year. This is why boats need to have green technologies to offset their carbon footprint.

Hybrid propulsion systems use a combination of gasoline and electric power to run a yacht. This reduces the yacht’s dependence on fossil fuels and helps to reduce its carbon footprint. Hybrid propulsion systems are also more efficient than traditional gasoline engines, so they use less fuel overall.

Solar panels and wind turbines are great additions as they power up boats without using fossil fuels.

Safety Devices

Safety rules are not enough to prevent boating accidents, especially when alcohol is involved. 

Fleet Safety is a maritime data service that helps yacht owners and operators improve their vessels’ safety.

This software supports GMDSS and has an instant distress chat feature that connects users with over 50 Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers. It saves approximately 20 minutes in search and rescue operations.

Fleet Safety offers a safety management system that can be used to create safety plans and procedures and has a black box recorder that can be used to investigate accidents.

Digital Transformation

High bandwidth connectivity has been made possible by the advancement of satellite and wireless technologies. Yachts can now have the same high-speed internet that is available on land.

Multi-service apps in smart yachts are taking the place of traditional Crestron remote control units. Clients and crew can now use their smartphones to control the yacht’s lighting, climate, and entertainment systems.

More digital transformations are expected to change the maritime business and operating models, making it easier for clients to access digital services via various platforms.

These are just a few of the many boating technology trends you should watch for in 2022. Autonomous boats such as Roboat II and the Hyundai autonomous ship are newer technologies to watch out for in the near future.