WingRiders Secures $4.5M in Seed Funding

WingRiders, a British Virgin Islands-based exchange platform that leverages the benefits of Cardano to correct the issues plaguing DEXs on Ethereum, secured $4.5M seed funding.

Backers included cFund (lead), Spartan Group, Coti, and LongHash Ventures.

WingRiders, powered by VacuumLabs, is building an essential infrastructure piece with a decentralized exchange platform operating on the Cardano blockchain supporting the majority of wallets with integrations reaching from light to full (as example Their platform allows users and other dApps access to exchanging tokens as well as the option to provide liquidity and staking.

WingRiders exchange platform leverages the benefits of Cardano to correct for the issues plaguing DEXs on Ethereum. It avoids the obstacles that slow down both Ethereum-based DEXs and recent entrants into the Cardano space such as high gas fees and failed transactions. WingRiders offers full privacy to investors and only requires users to connect a lightweight non-custodial NuFi wallet to buy and trade tokens; the entire exchange can run within your browser. Traders on WingRiders are also able to earn interest on crypto through staking.